I’m a wife and mom. I homeschool our kids and I milk a herd of dairy goats and sheep. We live rurally on a small horse ranch taken over by Miniature Nubian milk goats.I make cheese and soap. On a productive day I work out, read with my littles and maybe ride one of my horses. On a not-so-productive day I curl up with my iPad and Netflix and watch Call The Midwife even though I’ve seen every episode 793 times. I’m a homebody. Yes, I’m a little bit eccentric (hippy-ish?). I never, ever wear high heels. I have a crazy love of newborn babies, good jeans, T-shirts, well written books, my husband’s biceps, and Bible study. (“Seek ye out the book of the LORD, and read…” Isaiah 34:16)


Jesus has made all the difference in my life. He saved me out of a dark and deep pit and all I know to say to you is that my life is different. I put my trust in Jesus about 22 years ago now…it’s been quite a ride. Things are never boring, I’m far from perfect, and God is always good. Sometimes I like to write about it.

Over the years I’ve written for various print magazines, online newsletters, and had some work published in a couple of books. I’m gearing up to write my own. Maybe.