The Legacy


Have you taken the time this summer to read a good book or two or ten? Reading is good for the intellect and the soul, you know.

I’ve made time for myself to do this again for the past two summers. Today I finished Michael Phillips’ The Legacy. The third book in a trilogy series: Secrets of The Shetlands. I’ve had the pleasure to read and review all of them now. The mood today was just right for this ending to a very involved and well thought out set of books. Spanning decades and countries, family legacies and my favorite- the generations of Shetland Reef, a small  Scottish Island, The Legacy is rich with history and the native customs, culture, as well as the terrain, flora and fauna of the Islands.

Mr. Phillips takes you to Scotland, invites you to real tea and oatcakes and helps you begin to see and smell the misty air filled with the smoke of peat moss fires coming from the village. I enjoyed the walks among the sheep and wet moors along the cliffs, smelling the salt air as I read.

Today was still a far cry from the cool Shetlands here in my desert dwelling, where I have sweated through triple digit heat for longer than I care to. However, we did have clouds and a tiny (read tiny literally) bit of rain on our parched valley.

I spent the afternoon in front of an open window, with a cup of strong tea and savored not only the sparse rain and the cleansing scent that brings, but the last chapters of a novel I have become immersed in. The Legacy, coming after The Inheritance and The Cottage, answered all the questions and tied up all the loose ends that the other two novels wove throughout, keeping me curious and guessing and most of all- hooked. I dearly wanted answers and the ending didn’t disappoint. It gave me the satisfying ending I had hoped for.

It’s a long read, and it’s a good one. I recommend all three books to you as an escape to a rugged Island where everyone knows everyone else and their business. Or so they think. Travel to New York, for big city business, and Pennsylvania where you will stay with friendly Quakers. There will be a few rough people, and you may not like everyone, but you will meet some extraordinary people too, and come away with light in your heart toward fatherhood and The Fatherhood of God, and everything that means. You’ll respect family ties, even if you don’t always appreciate the ones you’re bound to in your family of origin. You’ll have a good bit of adventure and you’ll appreciate the natural sciences along with some of the characters you will come to know.

You will meet Winston Churchill in the pages during the war years and help the war effort with the very wise and dignified laird of Shetland Reef during that time period. I won’t give away anymore, but I wanted you to get a taste for this romantic novel that spans many generations and leads us quietly home. Thank you Mr. Phillips.

*I received this book for free from Baker Publishing in exchange for an unbiased written review

About the book:

The Dramatic Conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands

Loni Ford’s unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate–not to mention a title–in the Shetland Islands has caused more than a stir in the quiet fishing hamlet of Whales Reef. How can life ever be the same with an outsider–and a woman at that–playing such a pivotal role in the life of this traditional community? But it isn’t just the locals who have deep misgivings about the current situation. Loni herself never imagined this in her wildest dreams and wonders whether she’s cut out for it.

Loni would hardly let herself acknowledge that she’s falling in love–with Whales Reef, with its hardy people, and with local chieftain David Tulloch, whose inheritance she has usurped, at least in the eyes of some. Or has she merely been seduced by the simple, peaceful way of life that exists here?

Yet life in Whales Reef is rarely without drama. Deep rifts exist between certain lifelong neighbors, and when a dead body is discovered, suspicion is cast in the direction of the Tulloch family. How Loni and David face up to this challenge will profoundly shape their relationship, as well as the future of the island.




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