Hot As Fire

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but where we live it’s hot and sunny most every day. I mean really hot. Occasionally in the evenings it’s windy, but usually that means a very warm wind that sucks the life out of leaves. I don’t garden much for that reason. Our ranch is set on a hill without a shelter from the wind.  Once in a great while during the dog days of summer, there is a cool , crisp breeze that is refreshing beyond words.

We live in an area known for wildfires. We have had so many this year already that I have lost count. All over, you will spot burnt hillsides and pastures, but always right up to an orchard, home, or other valuable area. It’s really something, how these brave men and women battle fires in 90+ degrees and manage to save livelihoods and homes. I know people are grateful but wouldn’t it be nice if they showed it more? So often the ones tirelessly battling these fires are away from their loved ones, hungry, hot, and thirsty- not to mention the danger they are in.

The firefighters do an amazing job; we rarely lose people or even homes. You have to hand it to them, yet few folks take action by stopping by the stations with water bottles, snacks, and meals. It’s a shame. I know for fact they do appreciate it.

My husband is an officer in a fire department, and also a paramedic. He is out fighting fire today. Firefighter and police officers wives (and husbands) live in a state of constant prayerfulness on shift days.

And soon as my husband kisses me goodbye at 3:30 in the morning I begin praying until I fall asleep again. And usually during my morning barn chores, coffee and Bible time, and even hustling through a busy morning I am sending up short and desperate prayers for my husband. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t make it without me 🙂

                 If you get the chance, show some love to our fire fighters and police ❤️


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