Things I love: Deep and Shallow

This post is just for fun, and in no special order.

I love a really good V-neck T shirt, some amazing jeans and boots. If it’s a hot sweaty summer, I want the T with a cotton skirt and flip flops. I would love it if I never had to vary my attire, because, well, you know, comfort. I’m 48 next week, and by this time I know what I like and what works. But I have neglected muck boots, and of course aprons. These are necessities for me, like underwear and a bra. My lifestyle is one of lots of outside work. I’m busy in my kitchen too, but after that, I’d really rather leave the housekeeping to someone else, and I almost never go anywhere nice, so heels are impractical and I would feel silly. A dress is beautiful to look at but I have no use for one.



I love my Bible, and I love all the lovely Bibles choices out there with pretty covers, and wide margins and pictures…oh my! I love to buy them for gifts. What could be better? I know some of you won’t get this, but I’m in love with Jesus who rescued me from myself, and I live in that Holy Book.


wooden rosary on the open Bible

I think sitting quietly amongst the chickens is it’s own form of therapy. They really are smart and can be so pretty. They fuss, talk, boss, argue, and romance and trick each other. Put down the remote control and go out to the chickens, it’s beneficial for mental health. I love mine, and I’m especially fond of their eggs.


I love my sheep. I could spend hours outside with them. Watching the horses, goats, chickens and sheep, sitting in the middle of them all, that’s my happy place.

The fleeces of the sheep are fascinating. I like to part them and bury my face and just take in the scent. It’s intoxicating to me for some reason. So many things effect them. Diet, weather, health, stress. What a life lesson, huh? Makes me look in the mirror and take stock every once in a while.

Who could possibly  resist a baby goat? I adore them. Have you heard of Goat Yoga? It’s huge. For a reason. Take note, folks. People are getting dirty again, going back to agrarian roots because it’s just plain healthier and you’ll be happier. I’d like to add gardening to my list as well, but the truth is I suck at it. badly.

I still try every year because a girl like me just doesn’t give up ideals that easily. But the disapointing results year after year might take a toll on some. I pay for a veggie basket with a friend’s CSA every week during growing season and that makes me feel better 🙂

I love inspirational older women. Especially the physical ones. Hatha yoga asanas (positions) really help me maintain an active lifestyle. I have so much permanent damage in my neck, back, shoulders and hips that if I don’t get stretched and strong I am in agonizing pain. All day. Up all night- that kind of pain. I don’t feel like setting the time aside to do it much, but this little lady keeps me motivated.

I love the quiet times when I’m alone in the barn with my dairy goats and it’s milking time. I raise Miniature Nubians for milk and it brings me much pleasure and satisfaction to turn that milk into soap and cheese and yogurt, ice cream, sour cream and you know what? These girls are my family. Usually when I’m helping a girl in the birthing stall, I was there when she was born and her mother before her. We have history, these girls and I. We love each other.

What can I say? I adore, love, cherish my babies. I love this lifestyle we lead, because…look at their faces.

I love my family. I love the sons that I didn’t give birth to as well as the ones I did. I love my husband, who works his butt off for all of this.

I love to see my sons grow up into men. I love my son’s wife. I enjoy seeing their relationship mature and watch them do better than Doug and I did.

I so appreciate and love the community we live in. The supportive and genuine people I’m surrounded by are really something else. To see my granddaughter and youngest son embraced and loved and taught by my friends who are great at mothering and teaching is a gift.

I am so very, very, fond of seeing my gorgeous horses through my kitchen window when I’m doing the dirty dishes. This is, without a doubt, a childhood fantasy come true for me. Not the dirty dishes part.

I love going outside my back door for fresh groceries.

I greatly love my husband and I greatly love his biceps. Who wouldn’t?!

I love sitting in front of a good, warm fire with my iPad and Netflix binges of Call the Midwife and Amazon Prime episodes of Downtown Abby.

I love a good mocha cappuccino made with raw ingredients in my kitchen.

I love solitude and quiet, country sounds. Unhurried days without agendas. I love a good book and sitting in the sunshine.


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