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Prayers For a Simpler Life Review



“God’s goodness is not measured by the good things that come into my life,” Mrs. Sommers says. “The good things do outnumber the bad, and I gratefully count my blessings. Yet, even in the setbacks, the disappointments, the sorrows, I know that God is good.”


After this long dark and depressing winter I have kept the mailman busy delivering what I hoped to be spiritually nourishing books because I have been d-r-y. Like toast-no-butter, stick-in-your-throat dry. I have been disappointed in my purchases. I’m not sure if the general christian  women’s media is delivering the sort of fluff that doesn’t satisfy me because that’s the demand, and most women don’t know or study the Bible for themselves, or what, but I have put down the last two books I ordered because I just couldn’t. Couldn’t read such sweet little nothings that I put the books down, scratching my head, wondering if other women really feel filled after that kind of drivel. Bless them. I didn’t. They are written by popular new authors and I’m sure they’re needed but I’m a little more serious than they are writing for I guess.

I agreed to review a devotional called “Prayers For A Simpler Life” by Faith Sommers on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. It was just what I needed. Feeling dry as I am, I want a devotional to make me think and prompt me to pray. This was it. Thanks goodness. I might not have bought this on my own, honestly. I’m not a Mennonite and I don’t usually read literature for Mennonites or Amish, and any of the people who call themselves plain.

Many of us might overlook this little gem because it isn’t necessarily one of those books by a popular author in mainstream Christian media right now. I have a shelf full of those and while the authors are my sisters in the Lord I have to admit many of them don’t hold my attention. They feel like so much fluff. This book is practical and plain- spoken and like a healthy spiritual snack instead of a syrupy distracting treat. Sometimes we want a treat, but we always need a healthy meal.

At times maybe we need the plain truth, spoken or written to us and for us, so we can return to our first love and stir up faith that sometimes gets stagnant. This is a lovely book, and I’m enjoying quiet mornings by the fire with my coffee and Bible and Prayers For A Simpler Life before I trudge out to the barn for chores. I think you would enjoy it too.

Each reading is in a topical grouping, short enough to take only a few minutes but deep enough to chew on all day and even instigate a serious study if you’re so inclined. Don’t box yourself into only a certain “brand” of Christian literature. I think you would be pleasantly surprised by this devotional. I’ve admitted I was.


From the publisher:

Prayers for a Simpler Life

Do your quiet times with God feel disconnected from the rest of your overflowing days? Shouldn’t our devotions affect how we live our lives?

In this 90-day devotional for women, plain Mennonite mother and wife Faith Sommers helps connect your moments with the Lord to the rest of your life. Steeped in the faith of Amish and Mennonites, who maintain that how we live is as important as what we say, Sommers’ words hold gentle warmth and wise nudging for readers tired of disjointed living.

Offering daily devotions, prayers, journal prompts, and ideas for how to simplify your life and strengthen your faith, Prayers for a Simpler Life guides readers toward a deeper commitment to the way of Jesus.


This devotional is aimed at serious Christians who want to draw closer to God and actively serve Jesus, the book strives to put readers back in touch with many basics of Christian living. It is part of the Herald Press Plainspoken Series of books and devotionals.

About the Author
Faith Sommers is a conservative Mennonite mother, wife, and columnist for Ladies Journal, a publication for Amish and Mennonite women. She and her husband Paul have six children between the ages of six and twenty-one.

Buy it here from the publisher site or Amazon.


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