My Baby

My youngest son can’t read yet, but he’s been asking me for a Bible to carry to church, which I think is pretty adorable. I was given the opportunity to review this new David Jeremiah Kid’s Study Bible, which the publisher sent me for free in order to write an unbiased review. Great timing!

Well I’ve finally had time to check this out- which means most of my Christmas cards have been sent, ha ha!

I love it! Being 6, this Bible is going to be exactly what he asked for. It’s a great little study Bible and I can read it aloud to him until he is able to read himself. There are lots of interesting illustrations which is nice, because he is visual.

The pages have a nice big font, easy to read and attention- grabbing colored headings. I’m pretty excited to give this to him; he’s going to love it.

It’s the NKJV, the same as what I read from, and that will make devotions consistent. I’ve seen a lot of kid’s Bibles over the years, having raised a few, but for boys I think this one tops the rest for a variety of reasons. Number one is the attention grabbers I listed above and number two is the translation. I don’t like all those low reading level Bibles out there. I think kids are smarter than that. The other thing is it’s a great size for smaller hands.

I’m pretty pleased with this Bible. My son is going to smile a big toothless smile when he opens it; I’m giving it to him as a gift.


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