So if you live in the country you will know the term “winterizing”. It means not only filling the barn with hay, but also checking that your heated water buckets work, the heat lamps are in order, installing the floating heater in the horse’s water tank, flushing out the sprinkler system and turning the outside water off, filling up the 40 gallon drums (or whatever you use) with water in the barn for daily bucket fills. It also means everyone gets dewormed and other misc. treatments depending on the animals.

Winterizing also means making sure each flock or herd has it’s mineral needs met. It means feet need trimming, so they are in good shape for managing ice and snow, as well as especial care for the barn dwellers who need trims more often because they are prone to hoof rot.

Today our good friend, neighbor, and farrier was out to trim the horse’s feet.

I like to gather all the various leftover squashes for the goats, chickens, and sheep. They are full of vitamins and also the seeds help control worm loads.

We keep Livestock Guardian dogs, so we like to make sure the girls are in good shape for winter. Maremma Sheepdogs are the best in my opinion, and they prefer to be outside in all kinds of weather. They tolerate the cold extremely well, so if you see this kind of dog and a farm or ranch in the snow- don’t despair, they really don’t mind.

This little lady just came yesterday from the other side of the mountains and has not grown a winter coat. It doesn’t get as cold there and certainly doesn’t reach the frigid temperatures we experience at night. She will need a little TLC until her coat fills in, so she is in a stall with a heat lamp and coat at night.

Winterizing around here also means taking any road trips before the snow comes. Yesterday I picked up the spotty Miss B you see above, and of course my youngest son and I had to stop at our favorite Bakery/coffee roasters in Packwood, Washington.

For the past several years winter has also meant the Christmas play my middle son performs in. He always has a lead, because in my humble opinion he is extra talented 🙂

Here he was last week at a dress rehearsal taking a cookie break.

Winter also means the little people will sing in the Christmas choir at church. I love this! They love the new outfits I buy them. Below is my grand baby holding part of a Bible verse. Every month at our homeschool co op we learn a new one, and the creativity of the other moms when it’s their turn always makes me smile. Of course I’m older than them, and too tired for shenanigans. I just bribe the kids to learn their verses with candy.

Hey- I’m in Gramma mode.


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