I’m a Shepherdess!

I haven’t had sheep for years, but I finally do again! I fell in love with some dairy and fleece sheep at a farm about 30 minutes away, and well…I have some new critters to love and research to do- which I also love, especially in winter.

  Have you tried sheep’s milk? Probably not, but you may have had sheep’s milk cheese. It’s luscious. My teenaged son tried some yesterday- reluctantly. He drank it down with raised eyebrows and declared it was the best he had ever had in his life. Marvelous! Now with another family member on board with my newest project I’m full-steam ahead!

I’ve been blessed to drink my morning cappuccino with raw sheep milk this week and I have to be honest and say it’s better than goat milk. I feel like I’ve betrayed my herd of dairy goats, but I have, for a long time, wanted to try making cheese as well as soap with sheep milk. Mixed milk cheeses can be outstanding.

Yesterday my two new ewes were delivered by the breeders. Both are bred for March lambs. Freia is a Finn sheep, the black with white, and Gisela is the light chocolate colored Icelandic, which I’m thrilled to have. Icelandics are a tri-purpose sheep, for meat, fleece, and milk. There are three main breeds of dairy sheep available here in the U.S.A. The East Freisian, Lacaune, and the Icelandic. I’ve reserved an East Freisan ewe lamb for next year to add to my little flock. They are the most prolific milkers, and they are super personable. I received a whole lot of affection from the East Freisian flock at the farm where I bought my two girls.

I’ve been making some gorgeous soap lately with a new mold. It’s intricate details of honey bees and hive make this soap a stunner. I’m loving it and selling them as whole loaves. It’s also that time of year where I must have pumpkin spice bars available before Thanksgiving, as well as the cinnamon apple bars. My home is fragrant and cozy with all of those scents wafting around will the soap cures.

I am a farm-a-holic. Anything to do with animals and farms gives me a thrill, so I am in farm girl heaven right now. Next summer when I’m in milk flow season again making soaps and cheeses I’ll be even happier, but for now I’m busy making nice nice with my new ladies and watching YouTube videos on goat and sheep milk cheese making. I also have a stack of reading material and lots of learning to do so I can take care of the fleeces properly. I’m not a fiber artist by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t knit or crotchet but I would love to learn to spin and make some lovely yarns for other people to use.

I found  great blog post today on Icelandic sheep. The author did a great job covering the basics.  If your’e at all interested of knowledgeable feel free to leave comments with useful links please.




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